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Inspections Summary

The Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining has several inspectors covering the state of Utah. Inspectors are our industry-savy employee's that act as our "boots on the ground" and stay up-to-date with the oil and gas operations in Utah. Consistent with the Oil and Gas Program Mission Statement, inspections are conducted to maintain regulatory oversight and ensure environmentally acceptable activities. Our inspectors ensure the protection of groundwater by minoring existing wells and making sure operators follow proper procedures when drilling new wells. Inspectors also perform regular plugging, cementing, and surface spill inspections to protect Utah's groundwater and prevent surface contamination. A number of different inspections are completed on a regular basis. The ten most completed inspection types in Utah include:

  • Production/Environmental
  • UIC Well
  • Final Restoration/Bond Release
  • Drilling
  • Presite
  • Plugging
  • Facility Inspection
  • MIT Not Witnessed
  • Non-Compliance Verification
  • Spill/Incident
Field Staff/Inspectors - Areas of Responsibility