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Other Links

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
American Gas Association
American Petroleum Institute
Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS)
FracFocus - Chemical Disclosure Registry (GWPC & IOGCC)
Ground Water Protection Council
Independent Petroleum Association of America
International Energy Agency
Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
National Association of Royalty Owners
National Association of Royalty Owners - Rockies Chapter
National Stripper Well Association
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
Petroleum Geology Forums
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council - Rocky Mountain Region
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Society of Petroleum Engineers - Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Petroleum Association
Utah Surface Owner Resource Center
Western Energy Alliance

For Students and Teachers

About Petroleum Geology American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Energy In Depth (American Independent Petroleum Producers)
Energy Kid's Page (Energy Information Administration)
Energy Kid's Page - Petroleum (Energy Information Administration
Energy Merit Badge (Boy Scouts of America)
In The Classroom (American Petroleum Institute)
National Energy Education Development (NEED)
National Energy Foundation
Oilfield Glossary (Schlumberger)
Oil and Petroleum Products Explained (Energy Information Administration)
STEM Rising (Department of Energy)
Think! Energy Education Program (National Energy Foundation)

Government Agencies

Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC)
Bureau of Land Management
Department of Energy
Department of Energy - Office of Fossil Energy
Department of Interior
Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety
Energy Information Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency - Region 8 (Utah, etc.)
EPA Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Site
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
National Energy Technology Laboratories (DOE)
National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE) - Energy Data Exchange
National Response Center (Coast Guard)
Utah Department of Commerce
Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Utah Department of Natural Resources
Utah Division of Administrative Rules
Utah Division of Public Utilities
Utah Geological Survey
Utah GIS Portal - Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC)
Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
Utah Government Agencies Index
Utah State Legislature
Utah State Tax Commission
White House

Industry Information and Research

Annual Energy Outlook (EIA)
Baker Hughes
Bureau of Economic Geology (University of Texas at Austin)
Energy In Depth (American Independent Petroleum Producers)
Energy Research Center of the Netherlands
Energy Tomorrow (American Petroleum Institute)
The Energy Initiative (Duke University)
IHS Energy Group
International Organization for Standardization
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
MineralWise (Mineral Rights Information)
Natural Gas Information and Education Resources
Oil Online (National-Oilwell)
Oilfield Glossary (Schlumberger)
GBDS Free LAS Viewer from Jackson School of Geosciences
Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering Virtual Library (University of Texas)
Petroleum Overview (Energy Information Administration)
Petroleum Recovery Research Center (New Mexico Tech)
PollingReport.com - Energy
Rig Data
Rocky Mountain Oil Journal

Oil and Gas Pricing

NOTE: This is a sampling of websites where prices may be found. The Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining does not endorse any of these sites or ensure their accuracy.

Energy Analysis (WTRG Economics)
Oil and Gas Data (Bloomberg)
Oil and Gas Data (CME Group)
(CNN Financial Network)
Oil and Gas Data (Enerfax)
Petroleum Analysis & Projections (Energy Information Administration)
Posted Crude Prices - Black Wax (Chevron)

Some of Utah's Top Oil and Gas Producers

Caerus Uinta, LLC
Scout Energy Management, LLC
Middle Fork Energy Uinta, LLC
Ovintiv USA, Inc.
Berry Petroleum Company LLC