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Quick Reference - Drilling a Well


(All link to the Division of Administrative Rules website):

- R649-3-4 Drilling Operations and Practices

- R649-3-6
1. Change of Drilling Plans
2.1 Reporting the Spudding In of a Well (Report of both dry hole and rotary spud required)
2.2 Entity Form Requirements
2.3 BOP Tests
2.4 Monthly Drilling Status Report
2.5 Casing Tests
2.6 Reporting Fresh Water Encountered

- R649-3-21 Reporting the Completion of a Well

- R649-3-24 Plugging and Abandonment of Wells

- R649-3-32 Reporting of Undesirable Events


- Form 6- Entity Action Form

- Form 7- Report of Water Encountered During Drilling

- Form 8- Well Completion or Recompletion Report & Log

- Form 9- Sundry Notices and Reports on Wells


- Notices, News, and Updates

Other References

Drilling Permits - Quick Reference

Undesirable Events