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Quick Reference - Drilling Permits


(All link ot the Division of Administrative Rules website):

- R649-3-4 Permitting of Wells to be Drilled, Deepened or Re-entered

- R649-3-18 On-site Predrill Evaluation

- R649-2-4 Designation of Agent or Operator

- R649-3-1 Bonding of Wells

- R649-3-1 Class II Injection Wells


- Cultural Resource Inventory - Required for all permit applications on Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands.

- Paleontological Inventory - Required for all permit applications located within sensitive paleontological areas.

- Expedited Processing of APDs - The most effective way to expedite the processing of APDs is to submit a complete APD.

- Permit Extension Time Limits - The Division will no longer issue more than two drilling permit extensions for wells to be drilled on State or PRivate leases.

- Drilling Permit Expiration Dates- Utah oil and gas well drilling permits (APDs) are generally valid for one year. It is the operator's responsibility to monitor permit expiration. Permit expiration dates can now be viewed here.

- Request for Transfer of APD (Operator Change)- Drilling permits or pending applications will not be transferred to a new operator unless the new operator signs a Request to Transfer APD form.

Notices, News, and Updates


- ePermit Login Electronic APD filing.

- ePermit Registration- ePermit registration form.

- Form 3- Application for Permit to Drill (APD). We do not accept paper copies anymore, please use our ePermit application.

- Form 4A- Surety Bond.

- Form 4B- Collateral Bond.

- Form 4C- Irrevocable Documentary Letter of Credit.

- Form 4C- Designation of Agent or Operator.

- APD Preparation Checklist- This checklist should be used while preparing an APD package. We now require electronic APD submission through ePermit. ePermit will guide you through the application process.

- Request for Permit Extension- This checklist is to be used for requesting extensions to one-year permit approvals.

- Transfer of APD Form- This form is to be used to request a transfer of an APD to another company.


The "Live Data" link above allows the public to perform their own searches of Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining databases.


General statistics that provide an overview of oil and gas activity within Utah

Well Spacing:

Indexes and scanned images of Well Spacing Orders of the Utah Board of Oil, Gas, and Mining.


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Utah Geological Survey

Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration

Utah State Tax Commission

Other References:

- Guidance Document: Permitting a Class II Injection Well - General advice for preparing an application for a Class II injection well.

- Bonding - Quick Reference